Roots of Polynomials
This should work with recent desktop versions of Chrome or Firefox and hopefully also on a tablet. It was coded using Vanilla JS.
You are seeing two copies of the complex plane. The left half shows the coefficients $a_0$ to $a_{n-1}$ of a monic polynomial of degree $n$, i.e., the point with the number $k$ in it represents the complex number $a_k$. The right half shows the $n$ roots of this polynomial. You can move (with the mouse or your finger) both the coefficients and the roots around and observe what happens. (You can also fine-tune the position of the last point you moved with the arrow keys. The 0 and 1 keys will set this point exactly to the corresponding value.) Clicking one of the numbers in the middle or typing the corresponding number will switch the degree of the polynomial.

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