LW-DOC - A permuted index for the LispWorks documentation

An online version of the permuted index (for Windows) is here (see here for a 6.1 version and here for a 5.1 version and here for a 4.4.5 version) and a version for local browsing is available at http://weitz.de/lw-doc/permuted-index.zip - if you need Mac or Linux versions, you'll have to create it yourself using the code below. The archives should be unpacked and put into the directory called online (or web for older versions) containing the LispWorks browsable documentation on your machine. They were created with LispWorks 7.0 pro.

You can download the source code (version 0.3.6) that created the indexes from http://weitz.de/files/lw-doc.tar.gz.

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