European Common Lisp Meeting, Madrid, June 2, 2013

As the meeting is over, we use this place to assemble links to the presentations given that day.

And we also had lightning talks:

Videos of these talks were recorded by Vsevolod Dyomkin and are available here. Audio recordings are available thanks to Art Obrezan.

Here's what some of the attendants wrote about the meeting in their blogs:

If you've written something and you're not listed above, let us know. And if you've posted photos from the meeting somewhere, we'd also like to know!

We eventually had more than 60 participants from 20 different countries. The financial aspects of the ECLM were officially handled by the Common Lisp Foundation. See its financial report for the second quarter of 2013 (which should be published in July). We'd like to thank the ALU for sponsorship and Juan José García-Ripoll for the local organization without which the meeting wouldn't have been possible.

For info about the other European Common Lisp Meetings click below:

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