CAPI-OVERVIEW - A graphical overview of (some) CAPI classes

An online version of the overview is here (smaller version here) and a version for local browsing is available at The archive should be unpacked and put into the directory called web containing the LispWorks browsable documentation on your machine. It was created with LispWorks 7.0 pro.

If you move your mouse over one class then all of its superclasses (if their names are external symbols of the CAPI or the GP package) are highlighted in red and all of its subclasses are highlighted in green. Direct sub- and superclasses have a colored background, others only have a colored border. ("Direct" in this case means that if there are intermediate classes their names aren't exported.) Subclasses are always located to the right of a class, superclasses are always on the left.

The size of the generated table is optimized for my laptop display. See the README file if you want to customize this.

You can download the source code (version 0.1.6) that created the overview from You'll need a recent version of my LW-DOC library.

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